The Cleaner Coastal Catchments campaign...

was successfully completed so even though the website is no longer live here is a brief overview of the project and the various elements that were part of the whole creative process.

The C.C.C project consisted of a number of specialisms with the website being only one part. The aim of the website was to record 'pledges' and to inform the general public of the water quality of the beaches in 3 locations; Porth, Wildersmouth and Ilfracombe.

As people learnt about the water quality issues through the information on the website they could 'pledge' to ensure they took certain steps in their own homes and communities to improve water quality on an individual basis. As the pledges were recorded an animated  pledge-o-meter graphic recorded the numbers and in real time displayed the total number of people who had pledged.

Once the website

...was live the task of making the public aware of the quality of the water in their community beaches was the next. I created individual bespoke illustrations for each location that were printed and installed in each of the beach areas and featured an NFC reader chip so that people could directly link back to the website instantly as they read the infographic boards.


Alongside graphic design, branding, photography

...and printed promotional materials, stickers, leaflets and website development the campaign also required a series of animated graphics for use on social media platforms. Working with Redruth based printer Control Print we produced a selection of printed materials to raise awareness and promote the campaign.


The 'Think before you flush' element

...of the campaign comprised of a water colour design in keeping with the Cleaner Coastal Catchments branding and visual identity.

All of the separate parts of the campaign came together under the Surfers Against Sewage; Cleaner Coastal Catchments campaign banner and with keeping the visual identity consistent across the all mediums it allowed this mammoth project to stand out amongst the variety of campaigns the Surfers Against Sewage work on with a distant identity of it's own.