Vintage Packaging


Ice Cream Packaging

The tinned food labels have a completely different feel

...and design language to them compared to the earlier Ice cream bar wrappers.

1930's designs evolving into 1950's examples show a higher quality of printing techniques and paper stock materials while maintaining the style that really defines that era of commercial marketing and advertising designs.

Commissioned artists would hand draw all of the individual elements before the artwork was transferred to printed layouts.

These retro designed American packaging examples

...range from between the 1930's - 1980's. Found in old disused warehouses across the USA they provide an amazing glimpse into the design and typography styles of their time. Ice cream sandwich bar wrappers and a condensation / drip protector wrapper for glass Coca Cola bottles are easily amongst my favourites from my collection.

Ice Cream Bar Packaging
Coca Cola Packaging
Desert Rat Packaging
Out West Packaging
Big Stump Packaging