The Benefits Of Light



During the Christmas break my family all ventured out


These editing stages didn't really involve a lot of work, some exposure balancing, eye brightening, colour temperature and some light effect brushes using Photoshop. The effect when subtly applied in layers was quite effective and produced the visual atmosphere I was looking for coming from the original images. I've added a before and after slider above so you can easily see the difference these lighting based edits can make coming from a straight from camera RAW file to the final image.

...into the cold for the usual Boxing Day walk. As my niece loves wandering around the woods and the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' I thought I'd try and capture some images of her adventures through Haldon Forest.

It was a really cold and overcast day but I knew the style of images I wanted to create, ones with warmth, light and a certain sense of woodland 'magic'. So as the straight from camera images were quite flat and cold looking I applied some of my Lightroom presets that I've developed over the last year and did a little Photoshop editing.