Surfers Against Sewage

A selection of digital and print design projects incorporating illustration, brand identity, leaflets, sticker designs, website design, and product photography.

The various projects we have completed for Surfers Against Sewage include 'Surf Activists', 'Sewage Free Seas', 'Cleaner Coastal Catchments' 'Beach Bums' logo design and product photography for the online store.

Surf Activists

The Surf Activists Project was created in collaboration with Patagonia to provide people with the tools to make positive changes in their local area and to help protect the coastal areas.

Eastwood designed and created the brand identity & logo, the website and all the graphic assets used throughout the project. We designed the website to be a hybrid of a one page and multi-page user interface so that the quantity of information could be easily navigated and explored.

Project Notes

For the 'Surf Activists' campaign we also designed a limited edition 'Surf Activists' & 'Patagonia' T-shirt.

Sewage Free Seas

For this project we created a selection of digital adverts for use across all social media platforms promoting the 'Sewage Free Seas' campaign.



Cleaner Coastal Catchments

The Cleaner Coastal Catchments project was created to raise awareness of water pollution in local communities coastal areas. For the campaign Eastwood produced illustrations, branding and logos, created a consistent visual style for the campaign, designed and printed leaflets, stickers and built central the hub of the project, the Cleaner Coastal Catchments website.


Project Notes

These hand drawn illustrations were printed as billboards and displayed at each of the 3 locations to raise awareness of how the local areas water is affected by the community.

Featuring NFC stickers on each board, people could access the website on their smartphone right at the beach location. This provided them with an instant information source for that area's water area and the potential sources of local pollution around it.

Project Notes

We designed animated banner advertising for use across social media platforms. Multiple varieties of the adverts incorporated the watercolour graphics, illustrations and photography.

Stickers were designed using the 'water colour' identity theme and provided to local communities to raise awareness for the project.

Project Notes

'Think Before You Flush' leaflets, designed in keeping with the visual identity of the Cleaner Coastal Catchments campaign. 


Beach Bums

A visual identity and set of logo concepts for the Surfers Against Sewage Campaign, 'Beach Bums'.