Revisiting Old Photographs

During my recent portfolio refresh and new photography website launch, I revisited and in some cases completely reworked some old images. Using new techniques, presets and ideas I'd developed over the time between when these images were photographed and how I work today I discovered that I had in fact managed to learn a few new tricks along the way!

Simply by approaching the original RAW files with a fresh set of eyes and using new editing techniques to how I handle RAW files to obtain the final end result today, I found that a lot of images seemed to have a new life to them from when I last edited the original photographs.

Some images are still looking as good as if I had edited them today, but a few really benefited from a new reworking. Hopefully you can see the difference and benefits from the left to right sides of these examples, I might have to write a more in depth feature on the new editing processing steps soon. In the last year my post processing techniques and even the camera system I now use has changed massively so it might be an interesting post to describe the current work flow I now use.