Surf Activists Toolkit Website

Surf Activists Website Launched

Working with Surfers Against Sewage, in association with Patagonia we designed and built the 'Surf Activists' website, launched at the San Sebastian Surf Film Festival in June. Featuring bespoke graphics, branding, photography and an individual page by page menu navigation designed to make the site's information easy to access whilst providing all the tools needed to help in preventing and reporting environmental issues of Water Quality, Marine Litter and Coastal Developments. The Surf Activists website launch announcement featured on the Surfers Against Sewage website.

Natural surf breaks should be treated as world heritage sites, and should never be destroyed no matter what the reason… we really can’t allow any existing surf breaks to be taken down, for whatever reason.
— Yvon chouinard, Founder & CEO of Patagonia, inc.

Our aims with this project were to make the information and resources Surfers Against Sewage make available for download as easy to find and understand as possible, enabling people to easily alert local authorities, MPs and prevent these issues occurring in the future.

We designed a scrolling one page website style layout for each individual page, giving people a step by step walk through the site's informative content and how they can take steps to inform local authorities, MPs and prevent environmental issues occurring in their coastal waters and surrounding areas while maintaining a gritty visual style fitting the activists theme.

Medical response forms were also built into the site so if people did encounter any pollution for example in their coastal areas and it did cause an issue with their health they could report it directly to Surfers Against Sewage, detailing the effect the pollution had on their health, the steps they took and importantly the area in which this occurred helping to raise awareness and prevent future occurrences of pollution. 

For a more about the Surf Activists website project check out the feature in our 'Commissioned' portfolio. You can also support our partners on this project through their website links Surfers Against Sewage & Patagonia.