Instagram & The Benefits Of An Empty Page

While I was refreshing my website and rebuilding every page, image, post and portfolio page I essentially wanted to create a new blank canvas for my most recent work and future client commissioned projects alongside notebook posts. After completing that process and agonising over every detail it was time to turn to my social media accounts. I'm not a huge social media user, often just dipping into a combination of Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin - but nowhere near as much I should to promote my business.

With all this rebrand and fresh starts going on with my website I figured it would be a good time to do the same with my social media accounts. So in one decisive motion of digitally ripping out a page and starting again with a blank canvas I deleted every Instagram post I had uploaded in the last few years. I had everything backed up and downloaded so felt safe in knowing that I could wipe it all away and start again. Easier said than done though as Instagram for some reason doesn't seem to offer the functionality of selecting multiple images / posts in one go and deleting them, so I had to find a 3rd party iPhone app to accomplish this mammoth task. If I had to go through and manually delete every page it would've been quicker to simply start a new account! 

So if you're planning to do something similar (wipe out all your posts or delete a lot of or all of your followers) I'd recommend this free iOS app: 

Now I had a blank Instagram account, and only a glimpse of an idea of what to fill it with. I knew I wanted to be more active with the account and have something relevant to either my commercial work or my personal projects & photography, but some days I don't have a lot of interesting situations surrounding me to photograph! Or nothing i'd really want to share, so I figured i'd go back into the archives of photographs i've collected over the years. Images of travel, landscapes, people, experiences, patterns, textures, life. There's a lot of content to go through with multiple hard drives full of images to plunder but each one is filled with unique photographs that have either never been seen outside of my screen or ones that have just been discarded and dismissed as 2nd's. With that in mind I set about collecting the first few images for this new account, thoughts of revisiting the times and places from these photographs and giving dismissed images a second look, sometimes days / months sometimes years after they were first taken was a good stroll through memory lane. Sometimes with smiles, sometimes with sadness, but these images always reward me with a gratitude of the experience.

So here are the first 9 posts. So far a small glimpse into part of my last big travel adventure out on the road in South America. It seemed like a good place to start as there are a lot of hidden gems in these hard drives from that trip!

At the moment the photography is purely black and white and for now I like that. It takes me back to my first days of photography - being inspired by photographers such as Ansel Adams, hand printing photographs in the red lighting of the darkroom, balancing the exposure and contrast by hand with the smell of the chemicals, the anticipation of the images revealing themselves on the paper. This was before I even had a computer let alone knew anything about Photoshop. I miss the simplicity of those photographic days, creating photographs and images using a computer is amazingly flexible and I couldn't work the way I do now without it but there is something more hand made and manually creative (like actually painting) about using chemicals, paper and light, hand printing your own photographs. But all that is certainly fit for another post...

So for now, these little squares will remain monochrome, medium format inspired snaps of my travels, adventures and experiences. There may be some images later on that demand a burst of colour, so I might add a set of images in colour then return to black and white at some point, but until then please come and find me on Instagram and share some photographic flashbacks of my travels.