Hatch Show Print: American Letterpress since 1879


Vintage techniques, timeless designs

During my USA road trip adventures I visited Hatch Show Print in Nashville. I've always loved Letterpress design and how it incorporates a practical and mechanical element into design. Carved wooden and metal blocks with typefaces, custom designed graphic elements and images produce unique prints every time they are used. 


Here are a selection of prints I ended up walking away with from my visit and tour. Over the years (a lot of years!) Hatch Show Print have covered many styles of music, commercial product packaging and even pro wrestling to keep the company alive and profitable. In my early design courses I remember hand carving a linoleum panel so I could create a similar effect to the letterpress technique, when you consider that very simple and crude result that I managed to obtain from that first attempt seeing how these incredible prints come to life was really inspiring.


I love how the layers of Ink blend like layers of transparency and alter the colours beneath. Just simple lettering compositions create stunning art pieces that just happen to serve as promotional posters as well.


Visit hatchshowprint.com to see their incredible selection of prints and just try to resist buying something from their online store!