Hannah Woodman

Working with Art Eye Agency we were commissioned to design a new distinctive logo, brand identity and website for contemporary British landscape painter Hannah Woodman.

Working on the visual identity alongside creating the website allowed us to develop the art direction and maintain a consistent visual style as we built the new fully responsive website.



Project Notes

The development of the Hannah Woodman logo began by focusing upon the customisation of the 'Adobe Caslon Pro' font.

Maintaining a magazine style art direction but also creating a logo from the font used throughout the visual identity, we designed a distinctive custom element that could carry over into a secondary, smaller icon.

The icon element of the brand identity is currently used as a 'marque' in the footer element of the website. It will also be further developed for use as stamp for use on printed artwork and marketing materials when the full size logo design isn't suitable.


Project Notes

While developing the website to be fully responsive, we designed an adaptive navigation element so that the single line of text layout of the menu on desktops would be as consistent as possible across a variety of screen sizes.

With current trends indicating the growing popularity of using mobile devices to view websites it's more important than ever that we develop websites to work perfectly across all platforms and screen sizes.

Project Notes

We developed the collection pages to use a Lightbox feature that allows viewers to scroll through every image in a collection in a desktop & mobile friendly interface.