Digital Art Sketchbook

While working on the 'Cleaner Coastal Catchments' project with Surfers Against Sewage we designed a number of detailed graphic images for use as infographic boards located on various beaches and coastal areas around Cornwall. 

These images were developed by taking an original photograph and creating layer upon layer of textures, colour tones and detail over the top of the image using photoshop. Every line, shadow and detail was painstakingly created by hand to create these near photo realistic graphic illustrations for the project.

Using this layered, photographic overlay technique we are creating a selection of graphic prints based on some of our travel and landscape photography with each image consisting of multiple layers of colours, tones and shading. They generally take around a day to produce depending on the complexity of the image. We have more images currently in the early stages of illustration so this selection will be updated as soon as they are completed. Check back soon!