Our Graphics & Website Design

For us there's nothing more satisfying than designing a brand identity and logo for a business. It's simply magical to see an idea evolve from being a simple pencil sketch, to a bunch of pixels on a screen before finally evolving into a print presented to our client to build their business.

We love using a variety of tools to create illustrations, logos and sketches that compliment typography, symbolism and digital art. With these mediums transforming sketched ideas into printed reality, we create visual marketing materials and content for businesses, charities and artists.

Surfers Against Sewage

Graphic design, illustration, branding, printed leaflets & sticker design, website design, product photography

Hannah Woodman

Graphic design, typography, logo, branding & visual identity, website design, art direction & curation

Aerten Health & Fitness

Branding & visual identity, logo design, website design, portrait & documentary photography

Control Print

Graphic design, website design, SEO optimisation, documentary photography

The Hypatia Trust

Branding & visual identity, logo design, website design, art direction

Beautiful Inside Out

Website design, art direction, photography editing & curation

Art Eye Consultancy

Website & online store design, art direction, image editing & curation

Photography Portfolio

View our creative commercial photography & stock image portfolio

Branding & Logo Design

A selection of brand identity and logo designs created for various clients

Digital Art Sketchbook

Personal project - stylised digital art featuring printed travel illustrations