Branding & Logo Design Projects

A selection of brand identity and logo designs created for various clients.


Aerten Health & Fitness

Brand identity and logo design for Aerten Health & Fitness.

Using a combination of symbolic icon design developed from the initials of the brand and a strong, bold typographic style we produced a logo that conveyed the art direction and nature of the personal training brands identity.

Hannah Woodman

Hannah's logo design employed an editorially stylistic font and incorporated the icon of her initials into the logo itself. This combination allows the smaller icon logo and the typographic version to be used in many different ways and still be consistent and instantly identifiable.



Cleaner Coastal Catchments

For this Surfers Against Sewage campaign we combined the symbology of protection in the form of a circle with the illusion of diffraction through the water. This visual representation of the waves distorting the circle shape relates directly to the coastal theme of the project and the aims of the protection of the coastal regions.

The minimal icon design is easily identifiable and compliments the other styles of art direction throughout the project that included water colour brush strokes and textures.


Surf Activists

The Surf Activists project involved a more 'activist campaign' approach for the visual style of the logo and brand identity. We used a rough poster edge and spray paint style technique for the font and created a wave image using the illustrated barbed wire designs to complete the logo. Working with Surfers Against Sewage and Patagonia on the project we used a similar approach throughout the art style that also carried across into the website design.



The Hypatia Trust

We developed and updated the original Hypatia Trust logo with a fresh new design.

We took the original low resolution illustration and recreated it into the more colourful and contemporary version now being used on their website. We incorporated a soft duck egg blue colour into the design along with a suitable typographic choice that related to the history of the trust and it's activities.


Beach Bums

We created a selection of artwork and logos for the Surfers Against Sewage campaign 'Beach Bums'.

We incorporated a set of ideas inspired by 1960's surf illustration designs alongside a variety of typography and minimal / stylised art direction for the imagery.

All of the ideas we developed covered various aspects of the campaign as key features of the designs enabling each one to be used to highlight different aspects of the project,



Smoking' J's BBQ Restaurant

Brand identity and logo design for Canadian based BBQ restaurant 'Smoking' J's'. 

With this brand design we aimed to create an art style focused upon traditional BBQ designs - old cattle ranch branding stamps, rustic wooden textures and corrugated iron photography with the logo overlaid on top.

The logo and cursive font carried over to the menu designs, merchandise and t-shirts.

Paul Dawson

Branding identity and logo design for Devon based author Paul Dawson.

Using the symbol of a fountain pen combined with an open book we created a logo that gives a subtle nod to the traditional art of writing and provides an image that Paul can use on his website and promotional / social media platforms.



James Alexander Images

Branding identity and logo design for James Alexander Images wedding photography. Starting out with a cursive style font choice we began creating various shapes and patterns using the elements taken from the font.

Settling on using the letter 'A' we created a floral design that directly relates to the themes of the wedding photography that James produces.



St Agnes Dental Practice

Brand identity for the St. Agnes dental practice in Cornwall. We developed this logo design to be used across promotional materials and leaflets for the practice.

A trio of coastal colours signifying the sand, the sea and the sky combined with the familiar Cornish symbol and a clean simple font choice created a uniquely local design the instantly connects with the area and brand of the Dental practice.

Devonly Delicious

devonly-delicious-v.5 15.38.39.jpg

Devon based catering company, Devonly Delicious approached us to design a clean minimal logo for their business and marketing materials.

The brief called for the combination of a heavenly and devilish theme for the design so we incorporated a halo and a devils tail into the customised typography choices, while maintaining the minimal and clean styling of the design.